How it works

Shave & Subscribe is a Gillette authorised partner. We are here to make the most of your Gillette experience. Your shaving process does not start with the razor. It starts with your intent to buy a brand you trust. Shave & Subscribe has simplified this process for you.   

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Choose your blades




Choose Your Gillette Blades

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How often you need them?




Choose how often you need them

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Free delivery to your door




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Shave & Subscribe is one of only a handful Gillette authorised online partners. We don’t believe in compromised quality, which is why we only offer you the best razor blades on the market. In essence, Shave & Subscribe provides superior quality razors, through a convenient, personal service. 

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Flexible shave plans

All our subscription plans are highly flexible, and you can easily manage your plan through your account. There is no contract involved, and you can pause, cancel, change blades or skip a delivery any time. 

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As a subscriber, you will not only benefit from reliable deliveries of quality razor blades. You will also pay a minimum of 15% less than recommended retail price. That’s easy ordering, superior blades, free delivery plus a saving of 15%. How’s that for loyalty reward?

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